• Attaches to any tennis ball can.
  • Restore balls faster than any pressurizers on the market.
  • Capable of withstanding up to 45 psi pressure.
  • Includes built-in pressure gauge.


ZT-2 Pressurizer

Unrivaled quality. Revives dead tennis balls.


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Installing ZT-2 Cap


The ZT-2 performs like the ZT-1. However, the special feature of the ZT-2 is its precise industrial grade pressure gauge. This gauge allows you to measure the pressure in the tube at any moment and helps you optimize the pressure each time you use the ZT-2.

Advantages of having a built-in pressure gauge:


-Faster Ball Restoration: The optimum pressure for re-pressurizing the tennis ball is just before the ball collapses. By monitoring the pressure while pumping up the ball, you can find the exact pressure point before the ball collapses. Reviving the balls at a pressure 2 or 3 psi below the collapse pressure will ensure the fastest re-pressurizing rate.













-Tennis Ball Storage: Once the tennis balls have finished being pressurized, you can store the ball at 14 psi precisely by using the gauge.





Accessorize Your ZT-2 with a ZT-Pump 

The ZT-Pump is compact in size and easily fits into you tennis bag.

ZT2 tennis ball pressurizer
tennis ball pressurizer pump
Zombie Tube with pressure gauge
ZT-2 High air pressure

This photo captured the collapsed tennis balls when 35 psi was applied. Therefore, 32-33 psi would be the

optimum pressure to re-pressurize the tennis balls.

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