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ZT-1 Pressurizer

Unrivaled quality. Revives dead tennis balls.


  • Attaches to any tennis ball can.
  • Restore balls faster than any pressurizers on the market.
  • Capable of withstanding up to 45 psi pressure.

US $24.95 

ZT-1 Tennis ball Pressurizer
tennis ball pressurizer pump

Faster Ball Re-Pressurization   45 PSI

The internal pressure of the average new tennis ball is 14 psi. In order for an old tennis ball to return to that pressure, more air must enter the ball through the outer layer. This will only happen when the pressure of the tube is significantly greater than the ball's internal pressure. Most tennis ball pressurizers on the market barely achieve 10 - 20 psi despite many claims. Our ZT-1 tennis ball pressurizer is able to reach 45 psi and maintain pressure. Our product is more effective and substantially faster at reviving tennis balls.

Save The Environment

Each year, millions of tennis ball cans are thrown away and tennis balls are tossed aside after being worn out. This is particularly a problem after tennis tournaments and matches. The ZT-1 works to mitigate this environmental issue. Not only is the ZT-1 capable of re-pressurizing dead tennis balls, but also it makes use of cans that would normally be wasted. The ZT-1 Cap attaches to any old tennis ball can, as pictured to the right. Note that the typical tennis ball can holds three to four balls.

The ZT-1 Does Not Leak

The common problem with most tennis ball pressurizers is that they leak air, causing the pressure to slowly decrease. As a result, the tennis balls do not return to the original pressure. Because of our patent pending design, we can assure that the ZT-1 will not leak during proper use.

Accessorize Your ZT-1 with a ZT-Pump

The ZT-Pump is compact in size and easily fits into your tennis bag.

US $12.00

zt-1 Tennis Ball Pressurizer

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